Support Ukraine with Art

We are designers, illustrators, artists and creatives that stand with Ukraine. Even though donating directly is much better, we noticed that asking individuals to donate is not always effective. Some people are more likely to purchase cookies in the local store that pledges 30% to Ukrainian aid, rather than transfer money directly to Red Cross. Sometimes people need physical representation of the support they have provided, which in turn also helps spread awareness of the cause.

There are many ways to donate money. Purchasing goods is one of them.

The works listed on this website are all contributed by designers who wish to help Ukraine. If you wish to contribute, please scroll down for more info.

Helping Ukraine

Profits from all sales will go to charitable orgranizations that help Ukraine.

Currently the list consists of:

1. “Ukraina heaks! (на благо України) initiative, which is a list of NGO-nonprofits in Estonia that provide help to Ukraine:

This initiative helps citizens on the frontlines of Ukraine, as well as other affected groups. Companies deliver produce and products via trucks and trains to Ukraine. Recently the organization raised over 690,000 euros within a few hours of a charity concert.

2. Eesti Punane Rist” – Estonian Red Cross
Delivers donations and products via Ukrainian Red Cross. Red Cross gathers only new items of need, like: blankets, pillows and hygiene products such as diapers and soap.

3. Local donations
Sometimes we would donate to a Ukrainian local, or to someone who is near the border of Ukraine. These are the people that need it the most. In this case we will announce it on the website and on our twitter account.

How much of sales is going towards donations?
Typically the products are priced in such a manner that around 35-50% of the retail price goes towards donations.
How to calculate: retail price -(minus) costs(production, shipping, billing processor fees) = donation. Every product listed in the store has a label with an approximate amount that will be donated.
We don’t keep a single cent.

For payments made in crypto
We will cover costs of production and shipping with funds from fiat transactions. We will transfer all crypto funds to the addresses listed on the website once our funds in crypto reach a certain amount (in order to no to waste funds on transaction fees, every penny counts). Full transaction history will be available on the transparency sheet .

Coupons and discounts
Coupons and discounts won’t affect the donated %. All proceeds will be close to 50% of discounted retail price.

We have setup a separate sheet that tracks sales and donations. We will be posting sales data there, as we all as payment receipts, and proofs of transactions.

Donate directly

We would suggest you donate directly to Ukraine as “donating” via our website a part of your donation will be paid to Printful (for fulfilling the order), shipping company (to deliver the goods), Stripe (for processing the payment) as well as VAT (for European orders) and taxes when applicable (only donations to the four aforementioned charity organisations in Estonia are tax free).
You might consider making a purchase of a physical item on this website if you would like to show and share your support to Ukraine.
The direct donation options we would recommend are:

  1. National Bank of Ukraine – humanitarian aid (pay directly with debit or credit card)
  2. Save Life – multiple payment options

For Designers and Creatives

If you wish to contribute art to this website you can send us an email at We will feature your art, mention you on the product page along with a link to your website or social media account. Share a link to your item on this website and help spread the word.

Get in touch

In case you want to get in touch, send us an email to: P.S. We speak Ukrainian!